Ravenna's bid for European Capital of Culture 2019 was an exciting adventure.

The journey was long and went through many stages. We started back in 2007, experienced the most intense operational phase starting in 2010 and we got to the final verdict in October 2014 after the selection into the short-list in 2013. We came joint second with Siena, behind Matera.

We did not win, but it was absolutely worth it!

Over the years, we have organized hundreds of meetings and public events involving thousands of citizens of Ravenna and other cities in Romagna in a process that yielded ideas, visions and projects, then merged into the two bid books submitted to the Commission.

Inspired by the concept of "Mosaic of Cultures", the bid books have spoken on behalf of the many creative ideas and ambitions of the entire city and developed a complex cultural programme divided into the innovation-oriented “Five Tracks”, then renamed “Five scenes”.

The legacy of Ravenna2019 is still available online to reflect the journey that Ravenna has undertaken along the years.

Last modified date: 07/04/2015